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Barnaby Benson Ltd is a leading UK copywriting agency. Based in London, we provide copywriting services for many agencies and brands. We offer a wide range of writing services with a strong reputation in tone of voice.  Want to find the right words to make your point? Get in touch with us.; we can help.

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The Copywriting Blog

5 Nov 2019

Learn how to give yourself the edge in your next awards entry.

1 Oct 2019

“The first draft of anything is s%!t.”

Ernest Hemingway

It’s worth noting that these are tips for editing, not redrafting. Redrafting is rewriting your first draft so that it better achieves the goals of your brief. Editing is when you need to get your draft ready for pu...

30 Aug 2019

‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word.’ Lyrics immortalised by Elton John and, later, the loveable boy band Blue. But sorry is also the most important word. When brand reputation, stock prices and perhaps even jobs are at stake, the way a business apologises to clients a...

17 Jul 2019

“Hi there. I’m a blog. And I really want you to, you know, be my mate. How about it?” ‘Chatty copy’… irritant or brand nirvana? Has it been done to death? Or is the art of making brands sound like real people just getting started? We thought we’d take a look at the cha...

27 Jun 2019

Sometimes, the words just don't come. Or when they do, they aren't quite as wonderful as you'd like them to be. Here's what to do.

Deadlines are tight in the world of writing. You can’t afford to leave a piece to simmer and come back a few back days later. You need tech...

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Three things that win award entries

5 Nov 2019

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