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Advertising Copywriting

There was a time when only advertising agencies created advertising. Now, you’ll find all sorts of communications agencies at it. Many brands have set up creative departments and are doing their own thing in-house.


We create advertising copy for design and brand agencies as well as working directly for brands themselves. 

Branding or tactical?

With digital media's share of ad spend going up, a lot of brand advertising budget has been shifted to tactical, as digital is easier to target and measure*. Digital space is smaller than a TV screen or a magazine double page spread, so it's not such a good medium for branding. But branding will always have a role to achieve differentiation and protect against pressure on price, decreasing customer loyalty and erosion of market share.  

* Source: Ascend2 2019 Digital Marketing Strategies Report 

Why advertise when there's so much free media?


People accept the function of a paid-for ad is to influence, position and persuade. In other media, such as blogs, brochures and even sales emails, you are less free to be so single-minded in pursuit of your brand goals. 

The Barnaby Benson approach 

  • Agency discipline - we use a proven advertising agency process to develop the message before creating concepts that will attract attention and build interest in the brand.

  • Copy-led advertising - unsurprisingly for a copywriting agency, our concepts are often headline-led and copy-based.

  • Campaign concepts - it’s harder to create a concept that can inspire and accommodate many interpretations over time, but we do it.

  • Understanding the role of copy - the concept is king and campaigns are predominantly visual. We know how to craft advertising copy, using tone and writing tricks so the copy complements a powerful concept.

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How do clients benefit from our approach?

  • Replacing lost writing skills- advertising agency creatives are either copywriters or designers, but most writers have a graphic arts background and are dedicated to concept creation. Few are language obsessives. As a result, much of the craft of copywriting is being lost. An advertising copywriter can make headlines grab attention and flag down the target audience whilst conveying the brand's tone of voice. And we can write body copy that holds the reader's attention across paragraphs, as it moves people to the call to action.

  • Strong positioning - advertising should differentiate your brand. At a time when many advertising campaigns are primarily visual, a copy-led campaign can really make it stand out. It is also the ideal approach for conveying detail. Often, the broad appeal of high-ticket items like cars and holidays can’t be fully captured in a few words: they need longer copy to draw out all the benefits and address all the objections to purchase.

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