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Internal Communications

Change is a constant and companies need to communicate new information and approaches to their workforces all the time. Internal communications enable your organisation to adapt - at least, that is the promise. They are also a means of getting feedback from your people so that their ideas and concerns can reach management and influence decision making.


The trouble is, employees are overwhelmed with messaging in the workplace because of numerous initiatives wanting to  influence them. So each campaign has to earn their attention and that increasingly means using all the techniques - and some of the media - of external advertising campaigns.

What is internal communications?


Internal communications is essentially marketing activity within an organisation. It seeks to secure attention, change behaviour, improve understanding or incite action. You can use a wide range of media including videos, newsletters, conferences, posters, premiums and stickers on anything around a work environment that has the opportunity to impact. Internal communications campaigns often get their own name - a brand - and produce their own content in an effort to communicate as effectively with staff as they would with a consumer.

The importance of internal comms

Internal communications is a management tool that helps change to happen in a directed way. Its campaigns aim to inform, make aware, and influence - changing employee actions, behaviours and attitudes. They are a key means of boosting morale - particularly through the use of internal conferences for team building.  Success can be mission critical.

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The Barnaby Benson approach to internal communications

  • Honesty and realism - by exercising empathy to understand what staff currently think and feel, and being realistic about how far we can move them, our methods make you far more likely to achieve your internal communications objectives.

  • Branding - the internal operations of a company influence the brand perception externally. So, it is vital that companies embody the same principles they publicly espouse. We therefore ensure internal communications live and breathe the brand values. We also bring our experience of branding to creating internal initiative brands when these are required.

How do clients benefit from our approach?

  • Reliability and speed - because we have written large internal communications campaigns for many major brands including Network Rail, Deloitte, Unilever and Next, we bring a lot of experience to the table, saving you time and avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Make an impact and secure attention - our experience of external communications means we know how to capture the attention of an audience that is not 'captive' - meaning that when it comes to a captive audience, such as your employees, we still aim to earn their attention rather than demand it. This is more likely to win their hearts and minds and get them to adopt the change you are seeking.

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