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Defined as any piece of writing designed to deliver a sale, sales communications can take many forms - including sales emails, sales letters, brochures (print and digital), banner ads and direct response advertisements. Success relies on a sales copywriter using a combination of proven techniques and creative thinking. 

What are sales communications?


Any communication that is customer facing affects how a brand is perceived, but sales communications are dedicated to making sales. They are a form of persuasion that has been honed over the last century, primarily through the medium of direct mail. With digital communications now largely replacing print, sales communications have evolved with the enormous data sets digital offers, revealing what methods really get results.

Overcoming inertia and indifference

Sales communications are vital, as people are naturally indifferent - they have other things to do and think about. As consumers also have a natural tendency towards inertia, a brand has to have a strategy for dislodging loyalty to the incumbent supplier.

The process of sales copywriting begins with thinking. Considerable empathy is required to understand the audience's current attitude to the brand and how their life might be affected  by purchase.

Once you have a handle on what the audience currently thinks, you have to decide what you WANT them to think. And then - and this is the big decision - what message would most likely move them from A to B. Usually this is the main benefit. But you may feel this benefit isn't enough to shake the inertia/indifference, so you might choose to present the consequences of NOT buying the product - a fear rather than opportunity sell.

Either way, you show how either benefit or loss will affect the consumer's life. With their attention grabbed in this way, you can now present the product and evidence the benefit claim. Then close with a call to action. 

The science of persuasion work of Robert B Cialdini has revealed the secrets of making people like things. They are insights into human nature and need to be studied by anyone hoping to persuade others.

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The Barnaby Benson approach to sales communications

  • Medium-sensitive - each medium has certain constraints and finds audiences with different expectations. Take the subject line of an email: it needs to be brief , reference the subject of the email, yet have something to encourage the reader to open it.

  • Applied learning - there is a huge amount of accumulated knowledge about what works with sales copywriting because you always measure results. We apply what is known so you don’t end up making unnecessary mistakes.

  • Stay on-brand - as we work in in brand development as well as sales, we ensure sales communications are sensitive to a brand’s tone of voice while also being persuasive.

How do clients benefit from our approach?

  • Improve sales – we typically achieve a 50% increase in conversion rates when we write sales communications, such as approach emails and bid documents, that were being prepared by in-house writers.

  • Consistent best practice - by applying best practice to every piece of sales communication, we improve response rates. By training your sales team in sales copywriting techniques, this empowers them to improve their effectiveness every day, producing prolonged improvements in sales conversion rates. 

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