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Copywriting for SMEs and start ups

Small to medium sized brands - and start ups - need a clear positioning so they stand out from their competitors. This positioning has to be compelling to dislodge the hold of more established, bigger players. SMEs also need concepts and headlines that grab the attention on often limited budgets. Each ad or email has to count. Whatever media they have - be it packaging or van sides - has to work hard to establish the brand.  

Overcoming the budget conundrum

So, SMEs need copywriting services as much - perhaps more than - the large brands and agencies we normally work for. The trouble is, they don’t tend to have large budgets. Our solution is pragmatic. A large part of the cost of writing is in the research and thinking - preparing a brief that provides audience insight, identifies what the communications task is, some initial thoughts on positioning and the key message. Most SME marketers, given the right process to direct their thinking, can do much of that themselves.


Do it yourself brand and campaign planning

To help you brief us more efficiently, we provide a copywriting brief you can fill out using the knowledge you have that comes from being close to your prospective customers and understanding your market.  


We also offer two courses through The Guardian. These take SMEs and start ups through the same process brand and advertising agencies use to develop creative:


How to create and launch a brand

Explains the elements of the brand model and the marketing strategies that successful start ups and SMEs have used to become well-known brands. You’ll have a well-defined brand and a communications campaign plan to get maximum impact from a limited budget.


Persuasive writing

Discover how professional copywriters develop the messaging that will convert audiences into customers. A thorough process for thinking through copy, plus plenty of techniques to make your copy attention-grabbing and convincing across the most common media.

Advantages of using Barnaby Benson for SMEs

  • Creative, well-thought-through copy complements your brand design work, delights your clients and differentiates their brand in the marketplace

  • You no longer need to worry about finding talented freelancers with the right experience at short notice

  • Whatever the sector, task or medium we usually have evidence of achieving results so you can use us with confidence

  • Option of rate discounts for retainer service

  • Access to proven new business support services that swell your tender pipeline and typically double your pitch conversion rates

What makes Barnaby Benson different?

  • Original, persuasive, delightful copy that's right for your brand

  • Effectiveness: major brands and their agencies use us repeatedly because our writing, advice and training works

  • Expertise in writing for most media formats across most sectors

  • Tone of voice schemes that create distinctive, on-brand language

  • Proven ability on mainstream consumer and B2B brands

  • Responsiveness and speed due to the capacity of a large writing team

  • A collaborative approach

  • Reliability of delivery and estimates

  • Personability and professionalism

Get in touch

SME clients

'Our brief for Eat at Work was pretty challenging. We needed to explain a technical product that dealt with National Insurance and tax treatment in a simple way. What we got was a great brochure that explained the benefits in an easy to understand way. Barnaby Benson really got his head around what we needed to say and what our audience would think. The result was great feedback from prospects and a successful product launch.'

Sally Winter
You at Work

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