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Effective copywriting is a combination of message, tone and technique. The choice of what will be the most persuasive message is never obvious. You need to enter into the mind of the audience, understand their needs and then answer them. The tone should express the personality of the brand. Emails, websites, straplines, speeches, video scripts, brochures, blog posts are all written differently. To be effective, you need to understand how each medium is consumed and what techniques work best. 

Why use a copywriting agency?

Capacity: an agency will have the resources to deliver large writing projects while maintaining consistency.


Process: a copywriting agency will discover exactly what you're trying to achieve, who your target audience is and what they currently think. They'll help you decide the message most likely to persuade and motivate.

Skill: once the brief is clear, an agency will choose writers from their team who are best suited to writing for that audience in that medium.

Why is good copywriting important?

Does your product or service offer a clearly defined benefit? Are you creating an emotional connection with your audience? Is your brand promise coming through clearly? Good copywriting achieves all these things.

All commercial activity is, to a greater or lesser extent, an attempt to sell a product or service. A copywriting agency provides the words to drive your sales and build your brand.

The Barnaby Benson approach to copywriting

  • We have a thorough message development process that applies the same level of discipline and questioning that goes into an advertising campaign. 

  • Having worked with many of the world's leading brand agencies for over 20 years, we understand language’s contribution to brand positioning. This might be a rejuvenated tone of voice, a brilliant idea for an advertising campaign, or just achieving a compelling read that holds the reader's attention from the headline to the closing call to action.  

  • We're familiar with the demands and constraints that different media make on language. Copy that works for an annual report will not be right for a brochure – so our copy adapts.

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​How do clients benefit from our approach?

  • Achieve more - good writing engages. It persuades. It motivates. It makes points clearly. It gets the job done.

  • Save time - you could spend hours and never quite capture what you wanted to say. Or you could brief a copywriter.

  • Delight audiences - most business writing is dull. No wonder people ignore it. Stop being boring! Break through the clutter! Be noticed!

  • Make money - when writing communicates benefits, it empowers your business. People will understand why your idea, product or service is worth their attention. A good sales letter can generate sale after sale after sale… A persuasive PowerPoint presentation can… You get the idea.

  • Stop worrying - people fret about spelling and making grammatical errors. Let someone else worry about it.

  • Sound right - personality in writing can give you an edge. A copywriting agency can create a tone of voice that conveys your brand and can be followed by everyone that writes for you.

  • Gain perspective – being familiar with your product or service makes it hard to see it from the customer's point of view. A pair of fresh eyes can spot what's important for the consumer and give it more prominence so it's noticed.

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