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Copywriting, tone of voice and bid document training

Every company needs writing to be well executed . And it's not just the high-profile, campaign items - the ads, straplines, brochures, websites and sales emails - that have to be right. A customer email that sounds too officious could lose a sale, and an unclear sign could misdirect or annoy. Companies often assume they have a choice of two alternatives: entrust writing to in-house staff or outsource the work to a professional agency or freelancer. But there is a third way: have a professional writing agency train your staff. 

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What is copywriting training?


Copywriting training aims to give non-professional writers the skills they need to produce good quality copy. The standard achieved will depend on the quality of the course and the skills and aptitude of the student. Copywriting training abides by the same principles as any other form of education: to be effective, it must contain a balance of instruction, practice and constructive feedback. 

The person delivering the training should ideally be both a professional trainer and an experienced copywriter. The training knowledge will ensure the training is structured and delivered in a way that encourages learning, while the copywriting experience will ensure the content is practical, appropriate to the skill level of the participants and meets the business need. 

The importance of copywriting training

Companies have always put a lot of effort into big budget campaigns - advertising campaigns, brochures or websites - as they are focused projects with assigned budgets. More modest, day-to-day customer communications, such as the email to acknowledge an order has been received, did not used to be so well crafted. This is changing as more and more brands recognise the impact such incidental contact has on how they are perceived.

It’s often not viable to commission an agency to write every piece of customer communication, let alone all the internal communiqués. Non-campaign, day-to-day communications are often, by their nature, required at short notice and bespoke to particular tasks and situations. That often means an agency can’t be briefed and employees have to do the writing. Training those employees in how to write for the brand will give them the tools and practice they need to have the confidence to take on the task.


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The Barnaby Benson approach to training

We offer a range of training options and can also tailor individual/client specific packages: 

  • Informed by experience - our thirty-years experience of writing for advertising agencies and major companies ensures all training is practical and relevant to real business situations and aware of current trends in media use.

  • Designed using professional teaching principles - Barnaby Benson’s Post Graduate Certificate in Education means the courses are structured and delivered according to proven, effective learning practices.

How do clients benefit from our approach?

  • Ongoing impact on the business – training will raise your employee-writers’ skills and you’ll gain from then on, as they apply this to all future communications materials. 

  • Achieve culture change - writer training can focus on certain messaging that a company wants to be more widely accepted by an organisation. The training process itself drives cultural change by bringing people together to share the values and messages the copy must reflect and convey. Due to the improved clarity and persuasiveness, the resulting writing will help embed any new ways of working.

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