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Product Copy

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Those few words that appear with a product shot on a website have to work hard to convert interest into a sale.  

Why is product copy important?

  • Sales - it is typically the last thing a person reads before making a purchase. If it fails to anticipate and answer any questions it could result in a lost sale.

  • E-commerce – retail is still bricks and clicks. But while the high street is in decline, online is on the rise. You’re not really in business if you don’t have a website. And you’re not really in retail unless your site is transactional and consumers are able to shop online.

  • Reputation – it is a chance to prove your authority in a field and enhance the public’s perception of your brand. Communicating your expertise will build consumer trust.

  • Identity – it is another opportunity to express a brand’s identity/personality through TOV.


Much product copy deliberately bullet-points features, as these are easy to scan and allow the consumer to find the information on features and benefits quickly. But some products, particularly premium or higher value ones, need to influence as well as inform. So full sentences, characterful copy and tone of voice become more important.



What type of copywriting do you need?

Latest features

What is the Barnaby Benson approach to product copy and how do clients benefit?

  • A good brief – you need a clear brief to manage a large batch of product copy. The brief will give writers insight into the audience, the brand positioning and the many stylistic requirements that ensure consistency.

  • Experience – as we’ve worked in an array of sectors, we're used to researching industries and can familiarise ourselves quickly to achieve a high standard. Where this is unrealistic, we have a network of freelance writers with specialist knowledge of different sectors, such as pharmaceutical and finance.

  • Agency discipline – it allows us to profile the audience and understand what they’re thinking, and create a message that responds to their needs.

  • Teams - we build teams of freelancers with specialist writing skills in particular sectors. This means they're available to work on large batches of product copy for quick turnarounds, at short notice.


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