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Video scripts

Nothing mesmerises quite like sound and vision


Moving images and sound grabs the attention and holds it like nothing else. Add the power of storytelling and you have the most popular, and commercially successful, medium on the planet - narrative film. Why wouldn’t a brand want some of that allure?

Why is video important?

  • Emotive messaging - video can present human stories, it can convey a lifestyle and it can change the viewer's mood.

  • Storytelling - stories are a great way of ensuring a message is taken in by an audience as the dramatic effect demonstrates truths rather than claiming them.

  • Attention grabbing - everyone likes a short video: it engages the audience and makes use of more senses than any other medium, making it more of a brand experience.

Considerations for video

  • Narrative flow - a video script must hold viewers’ attention through the use of a good narrative.

  • Budget - video is a great medium for engaging viewers, but projects often come with a strict budget. Videos do not need the high-quality production that we’re used to seeing on TV and in film. If the idea is compelling, and the narrative is well crafted, it will still grab and hold an audience’s attention.  

  • Audience - different audiences respond to different visual stimulants. A 20-something will likely want to see a different method of storytelling to a recent retiree. The choice of pace, music and visuals will all be affected by your target audience.

What type of copywriting do you need?

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Narrative grip - we are frequently required to create narratives in many forms - we’ve even written a 10,000 word parable for a bank. We apply the techniques of feature film screenwriting to seize and hold the audience’s attention - active questions and payoffs that create suspense, characterisation and dilemma that involves the audience emotionally, and theming that holds all the elements together and creates meaning.

  • Budgetary flex - our conference video scripts can be micro budget, requiring just stock stills and library music to tell a story that delivers the conference’s theme. Radio ads are low cost and can work well online. We’ve scripted street theatre for an O2 conference that roamed the dining areas. Or we can script live action dramas for online video.

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‘Working with a challenging brief around inspiring real connections we outsourced the brief to Barnaby Benson. We needed a talented copywriter to craft the narrative and deliver the essence of connection. Barnaby was quick to respond and worked closely with us to understand the brief and provide a number of solutions. The narratives we received were crafted in an idea, which helped us to develop a visual language that was not only aesthetically pleasing but grounded, this in turn helped us sell the narrative into the client. A very high quality service, which we would use again.’

Jessie Stent

Eurostar Account Director

The One Off

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