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Sales email campaign and microsite to launch a new version of a much-loved classic

Responding to the nuances of your target audience

sales emails for Land Rover,
microsite web copy Land Rover,
Land Rover,
The client

Land Rover

The challenge

Range Rover drivers are - and we mean this in the nicest possible way - a unique bunch of oxymorons. While they love the rugged, go-anywhere nature of their vehicles, they’re equally attached to the refined luxuriousness they provide. What's more, they don’t mind that driving a Range Rover says, ‘I’ve made it’, in a more understated way than most luxury cars. Our job was to launch the new Range Rover by tickling the interest of prospective owners with a series of emails that seduced them into requesting more details or attending a launch event.

The solution

The invitation had to generate responses. So we focused on selling. We attracted the interest of Range Rover enthusiasts then stimulated their desire by enthusing about the benefits of the new design. The tone had to be just right: a balancing act between respecting heritage and promising revolutionary features. To achieve this, we applied a nuanced tone of voice to produce a series of informative yet aspirational emails. Presenting carefully selected key messages, we evoked the brand’s past while focusing on its future. 

The writing 

The bold evolution of a design icon. The fourth generation Range Rover will be revealed to the world on September 6th.

The results

Highly satisfied with the copy, the agency repurposed some it for the launch microsite. The Range Rover launch events were a massive success with Land Rover reporting record sales of the new model.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson and Joe Richardson

Agency: Imagination

Client: Land Rover

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