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Creative product copy for a major retailer

Copy to get an idle browser reaching for their debit card

Next product copywriting product descrip
The client


The challenge

several times a year, Next add thousands of new products to the range featured on their website. It’s one of the biggest retail sites in Europe with three million active customers. Next need each description to be evocative. They want to communicate the distinctive features that had inspired their buyer to include the line in the range. But each description also has to be clear to avoid any confusion and reduce returns. And this is the web. So they also need to be brief.

The solution

with so many products requiring descriptions so quickly, we needed more fingers on laptops. So we hired a stylish gang of freelance fashion writers and developed a systematic process for briefing them and reviewing their work. Together we swiftly turned around thousands of new Next product descriptions, ensuring they had the right content, terminology and tone.


The writing

“A clean, classical design and subtle detailing makes the Garda pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to sink into. Choose from over 70 fabrics and 11 leathers, with the option of  light or standard feet colours. Fabric seat cushion filling - foam with fibre topper, leather seat cushion filling - pocket sprung unit with foam and fibre.”


The results

The proportion of online sales vs. bricks and mortar sales for Next has continued to increase.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: Next

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