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Speech writing

Great for attitude change

The best medium for leadership and achieving change? Certainly, there's plenty of evidence that a great speech can change minds, galvanise large numbers of people to action and alter the path of nations - so why not organisations? Speeches are an integral part of the world of business: a major focal point of any conference, live event, or end of year awards show. When writing a specch, writers must understand who’s speaking, who’s listening, what the occasion is and the goal of the speech. Then they must decide on the correct messaging and tone.

The importance of speech writing for an event


  • Define an evening – speeches are often the highlight of a conference. A great speech will drive home key messages and have a lasting effect on an audience.

  • Reduce stress – we all know how tough it is to deliver a speech to a packed room. A well written speech can remove much of the stress of preparation and delivery for executives.

  • Form connections – at conferences, speeches will typically be given by upper management. They're a rare chance to show their personality to the company. If the writer communicates aspects of their life, rather than just business, they can create a connection that lasts long beyond the speech itself.  

Considerations for speech writing


  • Narrative flow – speeches often take an anecdotal approach to a topic, as it’s important to show your own personal understanding. This means employing a narrative flow that guides listeners along and holds their attention.

  • Tone of voice – tone has to be in harmony with the speaker, audience and subject matter. A speech at a hospitality awards evening is going to require a different tone to one made at the annual conference of a plc.

  • Focus – people find it hard to concentrate beyond 15 minutes, so a speech should aim to communicate one or two key thoughts well rather than convey extensive detail.

What type of copywriting do you need?

Latest features

Benefits of the BB approach

  • Tailored speeches - we’ve delivered bespoke speeches for CEOs and financial directors, as well as celebrities such as Rob Brydon and Rylan Clark.

  • Original content - with only a short interview, we know how to ask questions that bring out fresh insights.

  • Personality and emotion - audiences respond to human beings, so we’ll explore how the speaker’s personal life and experience can illustrate the ideas they wish to communicate.

  • Narrative flow - we aim to give speeches the grip of a good story. That means signposting the main message, so the audience finds it easy to follow the speaker's line of thinking. Then we raise questions that stimulate the audience’s curiosity.

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“Thanks so much for all your help on this event, it has gone down brilliantly with O2. It seems everyone is still talking about it! You and Fraser have been a dream team working on this; you nailed Rylan [the Host] perfectly and have been so accommodating with all the changes! I really can’t thank you both enough, it has been such a pleasure to work with you on this.”

Becca Shanks



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