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Blogs & Newsletters

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Blogs, and their hard copy alternative, newsletters, are an opportunity for a brand to regularly communicate with its audience, building a relationship with customers, prospective customers or employees. Content marketing relies on regularly generating material the audiences want to read. The regular contact is an opportunity to demonstrate expertise, insight, commitment or whatever is essential to the brand. We put the emphasis on creating quality content, rather than volume, and aim to inform, share insight and entertain.

Why are blogs & newsletters important?

  • Build trust - by regularly keeping in touch with a customer, you build familiarity and that builds trust - one of the secrets of persuasion identified by Robert Cialdini in his book ‘Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion’. 

  • Demonstrate a brand’s expertise - a regular business blog or newsletter enables a brand to establish itself as an authority by looking at a different aspect of its activity that will interest the customer in each post. Regular posts allow you to address many different angles so the range of your brand’s activity or involvement in a market is demonstrated rather than just claimed.

  • Encourage referrals and allow up-selling and cross-selling - compelling content, plus some incentive nudges, can encourage customers to recommend like-minded friends to sign up, increasing your prospect list. You can also present details about additional products, either ones that can be added to what customers have - or upgrades. However, promotions should be secondary to the news provision, as news is why people read this medium.

Considerations for blogs & newsletters


  • Insight - newsletters demand a more journalistic approach than most other forms of copywriting. A good-quality publication provides insight, which can come from the client or ongoing research to come up with the necessary news, reviews, interviews and articles.

  • Consistency - blog writing and newsletter writing are an expression of your brand. They should keep to an established TOV and style. The content should stick to a singular theme so that consumers know what they’re going to get in each edition and want to subscribe.

  • Impartiality - while newsletters are client-focused, they cannot be too promotional. If the writers get the balance wrong, the content becomes an advertisement, undermining the medium’s informative credentials.

What type of copywriting do you need?

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Benefits of working with Barnaby Benson for blogs & newsletters

  • Save time - we start every project with an in-depth brief that makes a client’s goals clear. Once that is established, there are typically minimal revisions and redrafts made to the copy. We've also been blog writing for years - both professionally and personally. So we know how to quickly get into a narrative flow for your brand.

  • Strong brand-consumer relationships – we profile a brand’s target audience to understand what messaging will appeal to them.

  • Perspective - it's hard to see yourself as others do. Using copywriters with experience from other sectors helps you make better judgments about how to present your brand and what to communicate.

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"Barnaby Benson really got to grips quickly with our industry newsletter, 'Insight'. He made the headlines hooky and stories engaging - and he came up with some good ideas for enhancing it."

John McCarthy
UK Marketing & Internal Communications Manager
Kantar Media UK

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