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Conference animations scripts

Conveying the potential of mobile for marketeers

animation video script for internal communications Unilever
animation video script for internal communications Korea Unilever
The client


The challenge

Way back in 2010, mobile phones weren’t quite the pocket computers they are today. But Unilever realised that things were changing – and fast. They wanted all their people to be switched on to the immense opportunities mobile phones presented as a marketing medium. We were asked to come up with three distinct concepts, scripts and treatments for videos to promote this message.

The solution

The trick was to inform rather than patronise. After all, our audience was senior, international marketing personnel. They knew their stuff. So our videos suggested potential without telling them how to do their jobs. We also concentrated on ensuring the three videos reflected the different content and subject areas. For example, one was about instant action in a big city, so we created it in a comic book style. Due to time and budget constraints, we couldn’t rely on expensive music or design. So we created scripts and treatments that would be effective without them.

The writing

“The mobile phone is far more than a means of voice, text and video communication. It’s a way of life.”


“Our consumers are on mobiles. We need to join them.”


The results

The agency was delighted with the concepts, scripts and treatments – they made their job easier. The client was very happy with the final videos too.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Agency: Brand Union, Catherine Turner Ltd.

Client: Unilever

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