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Discovering ‘your unique how’ - marketing professional services

Like any other company or product, professional services need to differentiate themselves from the competition. But when you’re offering the same service as everyone else, this isn’t easy. Read on to discover how it’s done.

Lawyers follow the same law. Architects all have the same training. Accountants know the same tax system and financial regulations.

When you’re offering the same service as your competitors, it can be hard to stand out from them. You can say that you’re specialists, but they can too. This is the age-old advertising problem faced by professional service providers all over the world.

So how do you stand out? This is the art of selling a professional service.

It’s how you do it, not what you do Our skill as marketing communications writers is to discover what is distinctive about how you provide your service. Then, vitally, we express how this is beneficial to the prospective client.

We need to unearth the unique positioning of your professional service. This is the sort of thing you do when you meet a prospective client. You talk about your experience. Your approach. Your values. Your particular take on things. And then you explain how this way of doing things benefits the prospective client. Professional service providers find this very hard to encapsulate in words. And here’s why…

It’s hard to see yourself how others see you. You are too close to your own service and the way you do things. Articulating what makes you different is far easier to do if you are outside your company.

Over the years, we’ve successfully done this for leading companies in many different professional service categories. We’ve written for accountants (Deloitte and Silver Levine), management consultants (Accenture), engineers (WSP), architects (LOM), loss adjustors (Axis International), reinsurers (Aspen Re), and lawyers (Housing and Property Law Partnership).

We’ve even helped communications agencies sharpen their message writing advertising and mailers for The Partners and The Brand Union. Everyone needs a sounding board, even award-winning professional communicators.


Barnaby Benson


Date posted: 26/03/2012


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