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A newsletter for a telecoms giant

Hook the reader, then present the corporate message

A newsletter for a telecoms giant,
The client


The challenge

Vodafone's newsletter, The Voice, is well produced and packed with interesting editorial. But, like all internal business communications, the vast majority of pieces carry a corporate message. Our job was to get this message heard while keeping the internal audience hooked.

The solution

We focused on the human interest aspect of each story and intrigued the reader with narrative devices and bold headlines. By giving the reader incentive to continue reading, more of the company’s messages are absorbed.

The writing

"OK, now you be the customer.

When you were little did you used to play shops? The till was always full, service was attentive, and every customer was happy. In business the goals aren't really any different - but it's a much harder game".


The results

Despite a very late briefing, the newsletter was delivered on time and the client was delighted.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Tim Bax

Client: Vodafone

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