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Bid & Proposal Training

Why bid and proposal document training?


A bid document is a sales tool. It positions the proposal so that it calls out and then answers the prospect's key needs. Bid teams - even at creative agencies - can lose sight of this in the effort to develop their proposal. Training gives your bid teams a process and the skills to prepare bids that sell, every time.

Why is bid and proposal training important?


  • Lifts conversion rates - preparing new business proposals is expensive, usually unpaid, work. So it’s crucial to do what you can to win each one. Our clients typically double their conversion rate if we're involved during the bid development phase and contribute to the positioning and drafting of the bid.​

  • Brand perception - a clearly communicated and well-written document demonstrates the quality of a brand. Not having a sharp pitch document can make all the difference.

Considerations for bid and proposal documents?

  • Focused proposals - bids need a theme to stand out from competitor offerings. Ideally, that theme needs to be an alluring promise that addresses the prospect's most compelling need - a promise your organisation is ideally placed to deliver.  Training builds that into your new business process.

  • There's more to winning business than the proposal - the personality of decision makers,  and the sector (public sector prospects need a different approach to those in the private sector). The likely approach of the competition, the time you are on and where you are in the order of presentations. The decision-making food chain is important. Training gives you a process that considers these factors as the bid document needs to address each one.

  • Editing - it is possible to be too close to a pitch document. That’s why a thorough edit is required to establish if the document reads well, makes sense and offers all the correct incentives to make a client sign on the dotted line.

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Correctly profiling the decision makers - to maximise your documents effectiveness, it has to be tailored to match the personality of the decision maker. That's not just a tonal consideration, though that's key. The personality of the ultimate decision maker or team will determine how your structure your bid document

  • Compelling core messages - the person reading the documents may be reading dozens a week. Your message has to be distinctive and promise something that meets their most pressing need

  • Agency-style - we apply an agency discipline to the profiling of the audience  and development of a message they will respond to.

  • Agency experience - our team has new business director experience. We've been trained in new business practices and know how to apply these to theming and writing bid documents.

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‘‘The pitch [for Overbury] could not have gone better. Thank you for your expert help, hugely appreciated and valued.’’ 


Julian Jordan

Managing & Founding Director

Agency Fish

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