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Tone of Voice Training

What is tone of voice training?

Changing the writing habits formed in childhood requires more than distributing a tone of voice guide. You need training.

Why commission tone of voice training?

​Training helps launch a new tone of voice guidelines so that it's more likely to be adopted throughout a company. It provides an event you can invite people to attend - either online or face to face. Training can be designed to address the specific writing needs, either of particular individuals or teams.

  • Launch a new tone of voice scheme - brands spend tens of thousands on a new tone of voice scheme and then invest little or nothing on its launch. Even the best written tone of voice guidelines benefit from an experienced trainer bring them alive.

  • Provide practice and feedback – A well designed training module will include tasks so writers can practice implementing the guidelines. Such experience not only improves recall of the technique, it also encourages understanding and adoption. Sharing your writing with others and getting feedback all helps the new tone of voice scheme achieve traction

  • Culture change - because tone of voice guidelines are based on the brand model and require writers to understand the brand, they are a useful way of launching and embedding new brand values following a refresh. After the launch, staff refer back to the tone of voice guide whenever they write. This keeps the brand values top of mind.

What are the considerations?

  • Education – teaching someone to write requires a different skill set than writing itself. You need experienced writers who are also trained to teach and design schemes for effective learning.

  • Different brands, different demands – a training course has to be tailored to the individual requirements of a brand and the needs of the staff writers.

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach to tone of voice training

  • Consistent best practice – our experience in education – which includes post-graduate qualifications and several years of delivering Guardian masterclasses – allows us to train and coach in-house writers to consistently express a brand’s ToV.

  • Reliable delivery – as we provide a range of training programmes – from one-to-one remote coaching, to full days with in-house teams – you can be confident in our ability to deliver the programme for you.

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"As well as developing our Brand Guidelines, Barnaby Benson worked with our in-house copywriting team to facilitate the smooth implementation of the new guidelines. They injected a new level of creativity and personality into our marketing communications and were great fun to work with. Their unique talent for writing and coaching was of real value to our business."

Karen Williams

Marketing Services Manager

P&O Cruises

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