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Copywriting Training

Why consider copywriting training?


Rather than outsourcing written communications - such as sales emails, internal communications, monthly newsletters etc. - to a copywriting agency or freelancer, you can have the agency train your in-house staff.  This can take the form of one-to-one coaching or group training, through either a bespoke course or you can come along to one of our popular Guardian Masterclasses.

Why is training copywriting important?

  • Reputation - every piece of communication affects the perception of the brand. Because your people will probably need to write some market-facing materials, giving them copywriting training protects your brand’s reputation.

  • Effectiveness every time- typically, external agency writers are brought in for big budget communications, like advertising campaigns , a website or a new brochure. Less prominent brand communications, such as emails and blogs, are often handled in-house by staff who aren't dedicated writers. Training your people is an economic way to make their writing more effective so your organisation gets more done, quicker.

  • Shaking off old habits - our writing habits are learnt at school and embed themselves over a lifetime. They’re understandably hard to shake. Training can help your people - even your dedicated in-house writing team - to develop new techniques and tools for creating fresh, original copy.

Considerations for copywriting training

  • Range of skills- to deliver effective copywriting training, the trainer must have the relevant teaching and business experience to balance theory, practice and feedback.

  • Scale of project - the number of people receiving training, the types of communications being dealt with, and the way training is to be delivered, will all affect the form of the training programme.

Latest features

Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach to copywriting training

  • The experience to teach - we have PGCE trained copywriters with years of copywriting experience. This allows us to marry educational best practice with advanced copywriting techniques, building confidence in your team and giving them the tools they need to write well.

  • Boost profits – training in mission-critical communications, such as sales emails and bid documents, typically doubles conversion rates as your writers learn to present benefits, make them relevant to prospect needs, and use creative techniques to enliven their copy.

  • Avoid burnout - for internal copywriting teams, the main issue is burnout. Our training focuses on techniques for achieving fresh approaches to copywriting, such as tapping into emotional appeal.

  • Enjoyment - training should be enjoyable so we mix theory, tips, practice and feedback and have fun with language throughout.

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‘'As well as developing our Brand Guidelines, Barnaby Benson worked with our in-house copywriting team to facilitate the smooth implementation of the new guidelines. They injected a new level of creativity and personality into our marketing communications and were great fun to work with. Their unique talent for writing and coaching was of real value to our business."


Karen Williams
Marketing Services Manager
P&O Cruises

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