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Campaign Headlines

What do advertising headlines need to do?


Limited to a few words, headlines are designed to grab attention, clarify your subject matter and promise a discovery. 

Why are headlines important?


  • Get attention – usually by presenting the most compelling benefit, but anything that gets the attention and flags down the target audience so they read on

  • Convey your promise - the promise of a change in lifestyle or experience. Many readers skim read ads and websites, so it's vital that your headlines act as a summary for your copy.

Considerations for headlines


  • Word count - you only have a few, as headlines must be scan readable. That said, longer headlines that ask the audience a thought provoking question or make a fuller point can engage curiosity and build interest. 

  • Tone of voice - although it’s only a few words, the headline needs to support the brand by being in the right tone of voice. As advertising is the most prominent brand communications medium, headlines can be said to establish that tone of voice. 

  • Complement imagery - headlines counterpoint the image, directing its interpretation.

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What is the Barnaby Benson approach to headlines?

  • Agency discipline - we use a proven advertising agency process to develop the message, before creating headlines that will attract attention and build interest in the brand.

  • Understanding the role of copy - the concept is king and campaigns are predominantly visual. We know how to craft headlines that deliver a powerful concept.

  • Strong, clear messaging - we have a thorough message development process, that applies the same level of discipline and questioning that goes into a full advertising campaign.

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‘Barnaby Benson really got to grips quickly with our industry newsletter, 'Insight'. He made the headlines hooky and stories engaging - and he came up with some good ideas for enhancing it.’ 


John McCarthy
UK Marketing & Internal Communications Manager
Kantar Media UK

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