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Campaign Body Copy

What makes great body copy?


Body copy has to take the audience from the headline to the call to action, persuading them on the way. For an ad, that can be a short sentence. For a brochure, blog or thought piece, it can be several hundred words.

Why is body copy important?


  • Explains benefits - if an advertisement makes a bold claim, a customer will look to the body copy for supporting evidence.

  • Answers objections - you can make someone want something, yet they still don’t commit. Often that’s because the body copy hasn’t anticipated and answered all the objections to making a purchase. These may not be about your product. Someone might feel it’s a hassle to purchase, or they have other things they need to buy with the budget. Body copy in a long copy ad gives you space to address all objections.

  • Differentiation through long copy - just because many advertisements choose to forego body copy, it does not mean every brand should. An advertisement that has a lot of body copy, or even replaces the image and headline with copy, stands out.

Considerations for body copy 


  • Attention spans - according to some estimates, we’re exposed to as many as 5000 advertisements a day. Body copy has to work hard to hold the attention.

  • Deliver on the headline - it has to clearly link the revelation made in the headline to a promise or supporting evidence.

  • Research - great body copy relies on knowing the audience. You have to empathise with them and understand what information is relevant to them buying your product.  

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach to body copy

  • Empathy with customer - we apply an agency discipline to the development of messaging. With insights into the audience’s current attitude towards the brand, we identify the messages most likely to move them to the desired attitude.

  • Flow and readability - we use language techniques to encourage the reader to stay reading, all the way to the call to action.

  • Sales experience - most business communications need to persuade. We know how to present the emotional benefits as well as the rational, so the product or service connects with the audience.

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‘Working as Copywriter for our new and substantial MBA programme brochure, Barnaby Benson quickly understood the brief and carried out substantial research to produce a successful marketing tool with accurate and effective messaging.’ 


Nicola Roberts

Marketing Executive

Imperial College London Business School

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