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Advertising Campaign Concepts

An advertising campaign concept is a strong enough idea to support a whole campaign of different ads, each of which will still need their own individual concept.

What to look for in a campaign concept? (The key to campaign concepts?)


  • Longevity potential - a strong concept stimulates endless iterations and the resulting campaigns can last years. The advantage of longevity is the impact of repetition. The audience already has an experience, which the new ad in the campaign then triggers. This way it’s far more likely to achieve its objective.

Considerations for campaign concepts


  • Vision – an advertising campaign relies on an idea that changes the way people think. It requires both creative and critical skills to analyse the market and target audience, and then figure out the message that will appeal to them.

  • Positioning – what are your competitors doing? As every other competitor is also advertising, a brand needs a bold campaign concept to differentiate themselves and establish a market position that can be seized and - through repeated claiming - owned. 

Latest features

Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach 

  • Thorough message development process – we interrogate the product and the audience’s relationship to search for a winning proposition - one with the power to change the way they feel.

  • Language-led campaigns – as we’re a team of copywriters, we are used by agencies looking for a copy-led concepts.

  • Brand agency background - having worked with leading brand agencies, we understand language's contribution to campaign positioning. This might be a brand new ad campaign, or a single ad in line with a pre-existing wider campaign.

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Brand awareness rose by more than 100% lifting Imperial into the ‘premiere league’ of business schools alongside Judge (Cambridge) and Saïd (Oxford). There was a significant increase in the number of bluechip companies interested in closer relationships, 41% more press mentions and, crucially, 20% more applications for the School overall and a rise of 119% for MBA courses. All testament to a successful first year, leading the School to expand the campaign for a second year.

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