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Sales Emails

What is a sales email?


Any customer facing email designed to encourage a purchase. It’s a form of copywriting that relies heavily on persuasive techniques and, due to its cheap delivery and impressive ROI, it’s an essential tool for any salesperson.

Why are sales emails important?


  • Boost sales - the sales email is a great return on investment (according to an e-marketer study, the average ROI is 112%).

  • Measurable - sales emails are tried and tested techniques that produce consistent and highly measurable results.

Considerations for sales emails


  • Getting noticed - email represents an efficient and cost-effective method of communicating with a mass audience. However, these days we receive so many emails that many people are likely to ignore the message.

  • Word count - people generally do not take time to read emails in much depth unless they’re from a client. Your copy needs to be short and impactful. Many people are reading emails on their phones now, meaning even less space.

Latest features

What is the Barnaby Benson approach to sales emails?

  • Experience - email copywriting is built on sales techniques. Identifying hang-ups, dispelling doubt and establishing needs and solutions is our bread and butter. 

  • Messaging - our agency background means we have a disciplined approach to message development and a clear understanding of your audience.

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‘We are all so happy with it and the campaign to date has been hugely well received.’ 


Abi Winfield 
CRM Executive
Land  Rover

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