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Cultural Change Campaigns

Changing the way people at big companies think and do things

Pity the poor CEO of a large corporation, trying to motivate the hearts and minds of thousands of people at the organisation to get with the programme!  Culture change campaigns are how it's done. 

Why are culture change campaigns important?

  • Steering the oil tanker - large organisations can't get everyone together that easily or that often, so they communicate using media. For particularly important  messages, and those where organisations have to show regulators they're doing something (e.g. data protection), a dedicated campaign evidence makes perfect sense. Using all the techniques of modern communications it can secure attention, change minds and alter behaviour across the whole workforce.

Considerations for culture change campaigns

  • Campaign theme - it has to convey the main message, usually the most important change you want to achieve, in a compact, compelling line. 

  • Media planning - you'll need an innovative combination of media to break through the messaging clutter to deliver your campaign message.

  • Writing for different media - in addition to video, posters, booklets and emails, calendars, lift doors, floors, desk stickers and radio can be used to grab attention. They all require their own approach to copywriting.

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Audience involvement - communications to employees require the same disciplines as persuading external audiences - and just as much imagination. We write a lot of B2C and B2B campaigns and bring those skills to every culture change project.

  • Internal communications experience - we write for agencies that specialise in internal communications as well as writing campaigns direct for brands. So we are familiar with common goals and techniques and can hit the ground running .

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‘We are all so happy with it and the campaign to date has been hugely well received.’ 


Abi Winfield 
CRM Executive
Land  Rover

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