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Brand Guidelines

Everything you need to know to understand the brand


Brand agencies and consultancies, who create and refine brands, consider everything that will influence the brand’s perception. This tends to include the mission, the positioning (how it stands out from competitors), the character, the behaviour, the values and the offer. Together, they form the brand model which will be brought to life through design and language in the corporate identity scheme.


This scheme will include the name, logo and often a strapline, as well as the ‘look and feel’ design guidelines that determine how the brand appears across different marketing communications media. All this is captured in the brand’s guidelines. We write and edit these documents.

Considerations for brand guidelines


  • Demonstrating the brand – writing, of course, will be how the brand model is explained and brought alive. But it also an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s qualities through using its tone of voice – its verbal identity.

  • Motivating the reader – brand guidelines, as well as providing a reference of the brand and its identity scheme, have to motivate. If the people who have to work with the brand like it and feel excited by the opportunities to do great work, they will want to give their best.

  • Verbal ingenuity – brand guidelines need to earn the attention of the reader just like any other piece of communication, so we will offer ideas for innovative treatments for headlines and opening paragraphs that delight with their surprises yet convey the key messages.

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Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach to brand guidelines​

  • Awareness of requirements of different media - as brand guidelines often give advice and examples of best practice in different media, you need writers who have this range of experience. You'll have access to a team of writers who have produced brochures, websites, emails, blogs, advertising, video, straplines and names. We have also written brand communications using some less common media including theatre and poetry - even a book-length parable.

  • Reassuring experience – as some of the most renowned brand consultancies in London trust us to write and edit the brand guidelines they produce for their clients. We've helped create and implement tone of voice schemes for many major brands including Barclays, Carphone Warehouse, Sainsbury's, PaddyPower and Next. So you can trust us to bring all this experience to your project, hit the ground running and produce an excellent result.

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“I’m really pleased to hear about the successes that you have notched up here. I have had glowing reports and particular reference to strategic input & turning on a sixpence."

Joe Turner
Creative Director
Superunion (when Enterprise IG)

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