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Fine tuning Rolls-Royce’s Tone of Voice

Achievable dos and don'ts for ease of use

Fine tuning Rolls-Royce’s Tone of Voice,
The client


The challenge

Rolls Royce Engineering were in the process of overhauling their brand guidelines and the new document had been through numerous iterations. However, the tone of voice section was still a little abstract and vague. For a company famed for its precision and excellence, this wouldn’t do.

The solution

We took a scythe to the verbose writing instructions and replaced them with simple, practical advice. Out went meaningless adjectives. In came realistic writing dos and don’ts that could be easily translated into real-world scenarios.

The writing

Be clear and concise

This means…

  • Avoid jargon

  • Explain technical terms in simple, plain language

  • Cut out any unnecessary words. Say we will rather than we aim to, it is our intention to or we are committed to.


The results

The final obstacle for concluding the brand guidelines project was removed, much to the delight of the agency – and the client.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Tone of Voice edits: Barnaby Benson and Joe Richardson

Agency: Conran Design Group

Client: Rolls-Royce

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