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Positioning Statements

What are positioning statements?


Positioning statements are created by brand consultancies when developing a brand. They present the brand offer - the proposition that will be used to appeal to consumers. Usually consisting of a name that describes the positioning, and a supporting paragraph, these statements define alternative positioning territories so their market potential can be tested internally and through focus group research. 

Why are positioning statements important?


  • Positioning - brands can only succeed if they take ownership of territory in the minds of their target audience. That requires distinctiveness that appeals.

  • Convey benefits - a positioning statement will contain a benefit, but it needn’t be rational, as defined by the well known term USP (unique selling point). It could be an emotional benefit. Or it could be more than one benefit (Innocent drinks: ‘Tastes good. Does good.’)  

Considerations for positioning statements


  • Allure - the statement needs to evoke the appeal of the positioning.

  • Clear and simple language - the statements must use precise language with no room for misinterpretation.

  • Market insight - to find the right territory and establish a distinct position, there must be in-depth knowledge of that particular market, combined with considerable empathy.

  • Vision - the positioning needs to fit the present whilst aiming to be future-proof: the target territory has to be viable for years to come.

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The Barnaby Benson approach to positioning statements

  • Understanding of the brand development process - we have lots of experience working with brands and  brand agencies at every stage of the brand development process. That allows us to bring insights from previous assignments and saves brand consultancies’ briefing time.

  • Intuition and empathy - copywriters become successful through having good intuition about what will appeal to people. That skill helps ensure that our positioning statements connect with consumers

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