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Alternative investment copywriting

The alternative investment sector is the umbrella term for any non-traditional investment. Although wine, classic cars and art have been alternative investment categories for many years, the sector came into its own after the introduction of tax incentive schemes to encourage investors to put money in riskier, non-traditional asset classes. These have changed over time but currently included EIS, VCT, SEIS, BR & SITR. 


  • Intelligent Partnership - insight reports, training workshops, industry event sponsors

  • MICAP - due diligence and research investment platform 

  • Co-investor - fund investment and reporting software 

  • Lending Well -  peer to peer investment platform

  • Calculus Capital - funds

  • Shore Capital - funds

  • Puma Investments - funds

  • Evolve Fund Services (Strata Residential Finance plc) - fund

Types of writing

  • Sales emails

  • Sales brochures

  • Web copywriting

  • Awards entries

Providers create funds that meet the criteria for these tax efficient schemes which they need to position and promote. A whole ecosystem of service providers have emerged to help these funds reach and influence their audience of high net worth individuals and financial advisers. They all need to promote themselves to investors and advisers through marketing prospectuses, websites, sales emails and trade award entries. 

Barnaby Benson approach 

The financial sector has its own language. Investment copywriters need familiarity with the terms and the phrasing conventions. 

An understanding of the motivations and concerns of the two principal target audiences - financial advisers and their high net worth clients - is key in order to be able to develop messaging that appeals. 

Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Sector experience - writing for clients that bring funds into contact with investors, such as Intelligent Partnership, Co-Investor and Lending Well - gives us insight into financial advisers

  • Non-sector experience - the same principles of how to write a sales email subject line that encourages the recipient to read apply across sectors. We bring a wealth of marketing communications experience proven on blue-chip clients beyond the world of finance.

  • Creativity and vitality of language - we are keen readers of great books and study their clarity and originality. We aim to keep our language fresh, intense and free of cliche

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What clients say

"The insights into our latest marketing documentation were really valuable. The advice and suggestions provided were prompt and clear and the team worked hard to work to complete within tight deadlines. It was a helpful exercise to have an independent and experienced eye view our layout and copy. We look forward to working with Barnaby on future projects.“


Madeleine Ingram,


Calculus Capital

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