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Creating a new tone of voice in the finance sector

Can tone capture a distinctive company culture?

tone of voice finance sector investec
The client


The challenge

Investec aren't your usual pinstriped asset management firm. They’re dynamic, progressive and straight-talking, with a culture of doing things differently that comes from their South African heritage. We needed to create a tone of voice that captured this distinctive way of doing things, then bring it to life on their new website.

The solution

What struck us about Investec was the boldness of their senior management’s views. It inspired us to suggest a tone that was sharp and surprising. Like Investec’s senior management, it was disarmingly candid. Where the content was a little dry - this is asset management after all - our headlines were bold and evocative. Wherever possible we would use quotations from Investec managers.

The writing

"It takes 25 years to create a lasting investment capability. So we build organically."

Domenico (Mimi) Ferrini - Co-chief Investment Officer


The results

The website scooped a Silver Midas Award for the world’s best financial advertising.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Agency: The Partners (now Superunion)

Client: Investec

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How to write tone of voice guidelines that differentiate your brand
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