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Scripting a showreel for an events agency

How do you differentiate an events agency with clips of events?

video scripting for Brands At Work
The client

Brands At Work​

The challenge

Brands At Work wanted a promotional showreel to showcase their services and excite the interest of potential clients. The problem is, showreels have been just about done to death. We needed to come up with something new, that stood out and would make people sit up and listen.

The solution

Our solution was a video that started like every other showreel - showcasing Brands At Work’s capabilities in the normal fast-paced, upbeat fashion. Suddenly, the film freeze frames - ‘Seen all this before?’ asks the overlaid text. Cue unique benefits specific to Brands At Work splashed in with clips and imagery from their highly interactive events, all building to a grand finish that distinguishes BAW from its competitors.


The results

Brands At Work loved the creative route we went with - and you can see the final results here:

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson and Fraser Coupland

Client: Brands At Work

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