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Copywriting for the FMCG sector

Copywriting can help define proposition statements before they go into consumer research. You need to utilise insights into the consumer's changing attitude to the category so your brand can secure territory it can own.


FMCG copywriting creates names and pack copy for new brands and sub brands, bringing alive the point of difference and investing it with character and emotion. Often the copy becomes a key brand property, giving the consumer the experience of the brand on shelf,  before they even tried it.  

FMCG companies are corporations too, with internal communications requirements, reports to publish and conferences to hold. So we apply our brand and corporate writing skills to FMCG client tasks in addition to positioning, writing and naming.

Agency clients

  • Chilli Agency

  • Flamingo 

Brand clients

  • Biomel (proposition statements)

  • Danone (focus group insight capture/refinement)

  • Wensleydale (naming)

  • Unilever (animation scripts, tone of voice guidelines)

  • Coca Cola (CSR report)

Types of writing

  • Positioning territory statements

  • Focus group on-the-spot thought capture

  • Naming

  • Pack copy

  • Animation

  • Conference communications

  • Tone of voice for FMCG corporate brands

  • CSR reports

Advantages of using Barnaby Benson in the FMCG sector

  • Strong, clear messaging - we have a thorough message development process that applies the same level of discipline and questioning that goes into an advertising campaign.

  • Brand agency background - having worked with world leading brand agencies, we understand language’s contribution to brand positioning. This might be a rejuvenated tone of voice, a brilliant idea for an advertising campaign or the encapsulation of a brand’s positioning.  

  • Adept with all media - we’re able to grasp the demands and constraints different mediums put on language. Copy that works for an annual report will not work for a brochure – our copy adapts and flourishes. 

  • Creativity and vitality of language - we are keen readers of great books and study their clarity and originality. We aim to keep our language fresh, intense and free of cliche

Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Achieve more - good writing engages. It persuades. It motivates. It makes points clearly. It gets the job done.

  • Save time - you could spend hours and never quite capture what you wanted to say. Or you could brief a copywriter.

  • Delight audiences - most business writing is dull. No wonder people ignore it. Stop being boring!!! Break through the clutter! Be noticed!

  • Make money - when writing communicates benefits, it empowers your business. People will understand why your idea, product or service is worth their attention. A good sales letter can generate sale after sale after sale… A persuasive PowerPoint presentation can… You get the idea.

  • Stop worrying - people fret about spelling and making grammatical errors. Let someone else worry about it.

  • Sound right - personality in writing can give you an edge. Maybe your brand is friendly. Or funny. A copywriter can capture that. 

  • Gain perspective – being familiar with your product or service isn’t always a good thing. A pair of fresh eyes can spot what's important for the consumer.

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FMCG clients

"I recently worked with Barnaby Benson on a high-level professional services conference and the experience was second to none. Their understanding of the complex content and his ability to produce material that reflected the very individual voices of the presenters – of which there were many – resulted in an exceptional communication piece that received extremely high ratings from both contributors and participants in post-event feedback. "


Diana Henry

Senior Producer

Brands at Work

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