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Narrative video concept to convey brand inspiration

Celebrating the unexpected moments of discovery when travelling

Video scripts for Eurostar brand inspiration
The client


The challenge

We've worked with some unusual mediums in our time, but this one will take some beating. Eurostar planned a ‘massive horizon’ of twelve, 55-inch screens above their St Pancras booking office. Their agency, The One Off, were tasked with creating a series of three brand inspiration films. Each film needed to follow a protagonist’s personal journey in either Paris or Bruges and capture those unexpected moments of discovery you recount when you get back home. We needed to inspire the audience to take their own journey. All of this in 45-seconds! 

The solution

With jobs like this, the writer’s experience is key. We’re lucky to be approached every day by copywriters, so we have a large pool of talent to call upon with varied backgrounds. One of these writers is a young newspaper columnist, and soon to be published novelist, who’d lived and studied in Paris and Bruges. She tapped into her own experiences to produce a number of idiosyncratic narratives which felt real because they were.

The writing 

'This is the one'

'Arriving at Gare du Nord, two Women with one thought in mind- to find the perfect croissant- our traveller is rushing, and bumps into a Man without looking.

Bags fly, and amid apologies, she can’t help but notice that the Man she’s bumped into is terribly handsome.

They meander through Paris, popping into various boulangeries along the way.

It’s the last stop of the day, and they visit a final, tiny boulangerie- and who should they bump into, but the handsome stranger?

‘This is the one,’ our traveller says. But is she talking to the man or the croissant?'

The results

the client loved our proposal, and we’ve continued to work with The One Off on subsequent projects. 

“Working with a challenging brief around inspiring real connections, we outsourced the brief to Barnaby Benson. We needed a talent copywriter to craft the narrative and deliver the essence of connection. Barnaby was quick to respond and worked closely with us to understand the brief and provide a number of solutions. The narratives we received were crafted in an idea, which helped us to develop a visual language that was not only aesthetically pleasing but grounded, this in turn helped us sell the narrative to the client. A very high quality service which we would use again.”

Jessie Stent
Account Director 
The One Off


The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Lucy Greeves and Barnaby Benson

Agency: The One Off

Client: Eurostar

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