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Creating the perfect strapline

Position a major fashion brand

strapline for boden
The Boden strapline
The client


The challenge

This job was a few years ago now, but the principles of creating a great strapline haven’t changed. The brand agency had carved out a positioning territory for Boden centred around a ‘lust for life’. We needed to conjure up a strapline which evoked this. 

The solution

We created a strapline that was memorable and distinctly Boden’s. It captured the essence of the company and what they stood for. Life-affirming and fun, it spoke loud and clear to Boden’s comfortable target audience. 

The script

'Good times, great clothes.'  


The results

The best measure of a strapline’s success is longevity. This one was used for eight years, while its replacement barely lasted five months.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Agency: Design House

Client: Boden

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