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Web copy for a luxury Sicilian guesthouse 

Copy to differentiate your business

Web copywriting luxury hotel
The client

Baglio Giammaccaro

The challenge

How do you achieve a distinctive position in a crowded market? Our client was a top designer who’d sold up and went in search of the perfect spot in Europe to open a B&B. He found what he was looking for in the Trapani area of Sicily and built Baglio Giammaccaro. Its design stayed true to Sicilian heritage, yet provided all the modern facilities holidaymakers demand. We were brought in to create copy that captured this thoughtful balance of authentic culture and contemporary design.

The solution

We realised that the most distinctive thing about Baglio Giammaccaro was the story of its founders, so we wrote the copy from their point of view. We also made sure that instead of simply describing facilities the copy conveyed the blend of tradition and contemporary quality. 

The writing

'Perfectly placed'

'We travelled Europe for months searching for the perfect spot for a guesthouse. Somewhere that had the right mix of sights and scenery. A place with lots to do nearby yet somewhere you can enjoy doing nothing at all. On the last stop of the trip we found it, tucked away between the Monte Còfano nature reserve and the mountains of north western Sicily. Along a coastline protected for its beauty, and all within walking distance, you’ll find endless coves and beaches to explore. There is nowhere quite like it.'

The results

One very happy customer: 

"Barnaby Benson captured the essence and distinctiveness of our place perfectly. They cut through the detail and, in a few words, conveyed its unique appeal."


Joseph Mitchell


Baglio Giammaccaro

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson and Josh Mcloughlin

Client: Baglio Giammaccaro

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