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Copywriting for recruiters

Helping recruiters write the perfect ‘first approach’ InMail

recruitment copywriting G-Research
The client


The challenge

Hedge Fund service, G Research, have a team of in-house recruiters who use LinkedIn to target IT talent. They need to attract the same world-class graduates and postgrads that Google, Facebook and every other major internet business are after – specialists in quantitative data analysis, software development, machine learning, technology infrastructure and information security. They asked us to provide recruitment copywriting training for their sales team so they could produce more effective ‘first approach’ InMails. and attract more in-demand candidates.

The solution

We designed a bespoke, five-hour copywriting training course to help recruitment consultants personalise their communications and create compelling, benefit-led InMails.

By analysing previous communications – both successful and unsuccessful – we identified specific areas of improvement and built the training around these. Combining this with industry best practice we produced a session that would ensure a lasting improvement.

The writing

Three types of InMails

1) The “Come Work With Us” InMail (recruitment)

a. Keep it brief – get to the point quickly. Tell the recipient why you are reaching out to them, ideally in the first line.
b. Emphasise common ground – establish a genuine shared purpose with your recipient.

c. Lead with them, not you - it should be all about...'

The results

Before the training, InMail open rates were averaging 24%. Four months later they’d gone up 100% with over 50% of InMails being opened.

“We created a bespoke training package on persuasive writing with Barnaby. Our team were very pleased with both the content of our sessions & the materials we developed for future use.

"The training was tailored specifically to our needs and covered theory, a critique of our current practice and hands-on exercises to hone our skills, with honest feedback from Barnaby provided along the way. Barnaby is clearly very knowledgeable and this was the first training programme I have participated in for some time where I felt we were fully prepared to put what we learned in to practice immediately after the sessions."

Alex Whitlock
Recruitment Manager 


The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: G-Research

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