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Web copy for Russia’s largest seismic company

How can a new company, formed by the merger of three established players, create its own distinct identity?

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The client


The challenge

After a complex merger involving three firms, Russia’s largest seismic company wanted a website which presented the new conglomerate in its new form - a single entity. With an LSE floatation that was just months away, the need was particularly pressing. First of all, we had to provide different tonal options. Then, once agreed, we’d write the new website from an agency brief.

The solution

We settled on a voice snappily entitled, ‘Corporate tone, not corporate speak’. It was clear, informed and easily accessible for non-native English speakers. As for the content, we worked hard to explain IGSS’s specialist business in a way non-specialist investors could easily grasp.

The writing

“Today, IGSS is not only the largest company in the Russian seismic industry, it is also the most dynamic and technologically advanced.”


The results

Many overseas companies are let down by their English. With our help, IGSS wasn’t one of them. The website went live with almost no changes to our copy, the flotation was successful and we continue to produce work for FTI Consulting’s other clients.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Brand agency: FTI Consulting

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson and Joseph Richardson

Client: IGSS

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