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An information video script for Future Cities Catapult

Communicating the benefits of new technology 

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The client

Future Cities Catapult

The challenge

Future Cities Catapult is a government-supported organisation that enhances urban innovation. Their flagship tool, GrowthPlanner, revolutionises city planning: it collects and simplifies energy, transport, infrastructure and other complex data into intuitive software to make planning easier for city officials and developers. We were brought in to script a promotional video explaining the GrowthPlanner tool and its advantages to urban planners. The tricky thing was getting a lot of product information across in an engaging way. Not only that, we had to balance a number of expert interviews without losing sight of the product itself.

The solution

We knew that balancing information with action on-screen would be important. We had a rich resource of FCC experts and local council officials to give us insight into the product. But we also knew that to be absorbing as well as informative, the video needed to be dynamic, like the cities our client serves. So we scripted plenty of cuts to city centre construction sites, urban tramways and shopping districts, as well as action shots of FCC developers working on the product in their London headquarters. We combined this with thought-provoking on-screen questions and insightful ‘talking-head’ shots of FCC planning experts and senior council officials, to strike a balance between stimulating on-screen activity and information conveying the benefits of the revolutionary GrowthPlanner tool.

The video


The results

"Top notch words, good ideas for visuals and an easy to implement script. It’s worked a treat."

Tom Lowndes 

Senior Digital Producer

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: Future Cities Catapult

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