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Scriptwriting for an internal restructure

Turning the mundane into the exciting using a famous talk show format

Scriptwriting for an internal restructure, Oprah,
The client

Novartis Pharmaceutical

The challenge

Ophtha, a branch of Novartis International AG, was restructuring. That meant new personnel, new teams and a new world order. They needed their employees to understand just what these changes were and how they’d be affected. To keep things as light as possible, the brand agency decided to do it in the style of a glitzy talk show. And it all needed to be scripted.

The solution

Humour is one of the most effective ways of holding people’s attention. So the internal communications conference agency asked for a spoof of Oprah Winfrey. We weaved jokes and frivolity into all the important messaging we needed to convey. By making the event memorable, we made the messaging memorable too.

The writing

“Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Oprah of Ophtha.

My name is Oprah, I’m the undisputed Queen of Pharmaceutical chat shows, and this afternoon I’ve got a great selection of articulate, sophisticated and glamorous guests lined up for you. Well, kind of. ”


The results

The client liked it. Then it went down a storm with the audience. Then the client loved it.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Brand agency: Brands at Work

Copywriter: Joseph Richardson

Client: Novartis Pharmaceutical

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