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A gripping annual report for a major player

Turning a civil service department into a leading commercial enterprise

annual report for QinetiQ
The client


The challenge

QinetiQ was privatised to make the most of the UK Ministry of Defence’s valuable research department. The Partners, the leading brand agency, commissioned us to write QinetiQ’s first annual report. We had to emphasise the vast commercial potential of QinetiQ’s research activities and turn a civil service department into a cutting-edge commercial enterprise.

The solution

We interviewed the men in white coats and piqued reader curiosity with interesting headlines. To make the annual report easy-to-read and compelling, we adopted and successfully applied a storytelling approach. 

The writing

'We can tell you what it's like to sit on a tube train in the Arctic' 


'QinetiQ's Environmental Hanger is used to test the performance of equipment in extreme environments. This saves both military and commercial customers the cost of transporting equipment to countries where such conditions are found naturally.'

The results

The report went down very well!

“On a fast turnaround but highly important assignment Barnaby Benson immediately and accurately understood the brief, then provided me with a range of spot-on solutions. He made a far-from-easy task look, well, easy!”

Jim Prior
The Partners 

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Agency: The Partners

Client: QinetiQ

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