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Brochure writing for a no-nonsense audience

Persuading garage owners to sell Shell products

The client


The challenge

When it comes to selling motor oil and lubricants, Shell have a time-honed strategy. They approach independent garage owners and offer them a deal: become an authorised Shell Helix retailer and we’ll refurbish your workshop (big red and yellow sign included) and provide you with ongoing training and support. Our job was to write a short brochure which presented how garages would benefit from this partnership. It would be translated into numerous languages and used by local sales reps as both a prompt and a ‘leave behind’.

The solution

Our audience was made up of busy workshop owners who were more comfortable with a wrench in their hand than a brochure. So we had to be direct and to-the-point. Leading with the most compelling benefit on each spread, we gave the brochure a logical flow that was easy to skim read. Then, we bullet-pointed all the benefits on the back for easy reference.

The writing



Outside, your striking new exterior signage will attract passing traffic all day long. Even when you’re not open, it will be advertising you and your location. That means many more new potential customers will think of you when they next need service or repairs.


You will still have your name above your workshop – the one your valued customers know you by. But now your name will sit alongside the Shell brand – an association that will attract new customers.


The results

A happy agency and client. The brochure is now out there working its magic.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Global experience agency: Imagination

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: Shell

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