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A sales brochure for P&O Cruises

How do you persuade people to spend £2,000 on something they've never done before?

P&O Brittannia,
The client

P&O Cruises

The challenge

P&O Cruises wanted a high proportion of the passengers on the maiden voyage of their new ship, Britannia, to be setting sail for the first time. Our job was to produce a sales brochure to help make this happen.

The solution

We asked, ‘what's putting people off cruising?’ and discovered that people were worried they’d get bored out at sea. To counter this objection, we focused our 16-page sales brochure on the huge range of restaurants, theatres and sports facilities on board. Using creative, benefit-led copy, we sold our ‘five-star floating hotel’ as a holiday destination in itself.

The writing

Food heroes, assemble!

We all love cooking shows. But how much better would they be if you could actually taste the mouth-watering meals your favourite chefs create?

On Britannia, you can. You see, we’ve called on the tasty talents of some of Britain’s leading chefs and christened them, our Food Heroes.


The results

P&O Cruises were delighted with the sales brochure copy and lots of jobs have followed.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Joseph Richardson and Sam O'Flaherty

Client: P&O Cruises

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