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How Flock's naming and web copy sets them apart from the crowd

Freedom from coffee shop frustrations

The client


The challenge

Doing things differently - it’s what Flock is all about. From their coffee to their burgers and beer, freedom of choice sits at the heart of their brand. But Flock came to us without a name, strapline or a website. They were a brand new player. Our challenge was to help them come up with a name that captured their new wave coffee shop essence and accompanying web copy to boot.

The solution

Flock were circling a couple of names that didn't quite hit the mark. We honed in on their offer, heavenly coffee and freedom of choice, to help their brand soar to its new name - Flock! Once that was done, we worked closely with the client to develop chatty, fun and warm web copy, highlighting what made them different and how this would benefit their customers.

The writing

The flock manifesto:

Freedom from coffee shop frustrations.

Down with Wi-Fi that’s a nightmare to log onto! (and glacier slow when you do.) No to generic art! Be bold! Let there be colour! Silence for tinny sound systems! No more shelling out extra for soya milk and new coffee varieties! Classic board games with no missing pieces! Yes to decent grub! Beer when you want it! Break free of coffee shop frustrations! Join the Flock!


The results

The name, slogan and website is exactly the same today as the day we wrote it in 2015. Check it out here.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: Flock

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