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A brochure that stepped in for a salesman

How to build trust when you may never meet your client

NatWest Brochure,
The client


The challenge

Offshore based, high-net-worth individuals might never meet their private banker. So NatWest wanted a suite of brochures which could step in and represent them. Just like their human counterparts, they needed to inform, build trust and anticipate questions. The complete face-to-face service – on paper.

The solution

These brochures were private bankers minus the perfectly tailored suit. Informative and engaging, they focused on the reader’s situation rather than the products. They discussed the challenges of being wealthy and based offshore - and the opportunities it offered. Then they provided ways in which NatWest could meet these challenges. Like all good salesman, the brochures made it all about the customer.

The writing

Multi-currency account convenience

“Organising your finances whilst you are abroad can be a frustrating experience. Local banks may have difficulty opening a card account for you, preventing easy access to your money. Good advice on making the most of your new tax situation and choosing investments can be hard to find.”


The results

‘The quality and speed of your work for us was simply outstanding; the best way I can illustrate this is that my Finance Director, who is somewhat of a sceptical individual, described the overview brochure as "the best brochure he has ever read"...if customers think the same we are in great shape’. Managing Director, Natwest International

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Design agency: The Partners

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: NatWest

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