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A mission-critical video script for big pharma

Instilling a sense of urgency ahead of an upcoming deadline

The client

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The challenge

Our client, a Pharma behemoth, had a product reaching the end of its patent protection. Competitors were making their presence felt. This video had to galvanise the sales team to get behind the drug. We were asked to create a pair of two-minute videos to start and end the conference. The videos needed to set the tone of the conference while stimulating the salespeople to achieve more.

The solution

The lights go down and our video begins. No music and no still images. Just the message typed out on the screen. We heightened intrigue by intermittently interrupting the flow with static. The closing video took a decidedly postmodern and humorous approach – within the same theme – to end the conference on a lighter note.


The results

Post-conference opinion research revealed a positive response. The delegates appreciated the original approach – and the client appreciated the resulting motivated delegates.

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Brand agency: Brands at Work

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals

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