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Copywriting for retail

Retail is a copy hungry sector. As retailers need to create an emotional bond with the consumer that goes beyond functionality of providing products, tone of voice - the way your language sounds - has become a key branding tool. The way order acknowledgement emails sound - their character and warmth - is important to creating that connection with the audience. Crafting online product copy for SEO while preserving the brand is also key.


  • Argos (sales leaflets)

  • Best Buy (instore video)

  • Boden (advertising, strapline, mailers)

  • Sainsbury’s (TOV)

  • Carphone Warehouse (TOV)

  • Paddypower (TOV)

  • Staples (direct mail)

  • Next (website product copy, email, brochures, e-Learning, training video, signage, writer training)

  • Sports Direct (signage)

  • Eurostar (brand video)

  • McDonalds (recruitment brochure)

Types of writing

  • Website product copy

  • Brochures

  • Tone of voice

  • Writer training

  • e-Learning

  • Training video

  • Signage

  • Sales emails and leaflets

  • CSR reports

  • Annual reports

Advantages of using Barnaby Benson for retailers

  • Strong, clear messaging - we have a thorough message development process that applies the same level of discipline and questioning that goes into an advertising campaign.

  • Brand agency background - having worked with world leading brand agencies, we understand language’s contribution to brand positioning. This might be a rejuvenated tone of voice, a brilliant idea for an advertising campaign or the encapsulation of a brand’s positioning.  

  • Adept with all media - we’re able to grasp the demands and constraints different mediums put on language. Copy that works for an annual report will not work for a brochure – our copy adapts and flourishes. 

  • Creativity and vitality of language - we are keen readers of great books and study their clarity and originality. We aim to keep our language fresh, intense and free of cliche

Benefits of the Barnaby Benson approach

  • Achieve more - good writing engages. It persuades. It motivates. It makes points clearly. It gets the job done.

  • Save time - you could spend hours and never quite capture what you wanted to say. Or you could brief a copywriter.

  • Delight audiences - most business writing is dull. No wonder people ignore it. Stop being boring!!! Break through the clutter! Be noticed!

  • Make money - when writing communicates benefits, it empowers your business. People will understand why your idea, product or service is worth their attention. A good sales letter can generate sale after sale after sale… A persuasive PowerPoint presentation can… You get the idea.

  • Stop worrying - people fret about spelling and making grammatical errors. Let someone else worry about it.

  • Sound right - personality in writing can give you an edge. Maybe your brand is friendly. Or funny. A copywriter can capture that. 

  • Gain perspective – being familiar with your product or service isn’t always a good thing. A pair of fresh eyes can spot what's important for the consumer.

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Brand clients

The tone of the emails was just right. Personal enough to make me feel like I had special attention, professional enough to give me confidence in the information provided.


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