Brand guidelines that truly set the tone

Using analogies of success to redesign brand identity

The client

Credit Suisse 

The challenge

Credit Suisse wanted to radically redesign their brand identity. They needed brand guidelines which evoked and harnessed their five brand attributes: inventive, energetic, partners, eminent and results. So, Brand Union contacted us to help on the project.  

The solution

First, we went to Switzerland to get a more complete picture of the company. Once back in London we generated analogies with successful individuals and other leading brands to illustrate the five key attributes. One example was Steinway & Sons – leaders in music instrument manufacture for over 150 years. Storytelling techniques helped bring these examples to life.

The writing

'To be eminent in any field is to set the tone. As the ‘King of the instruments’, the piano’s tonal range extends from the lowest note of the double bassoon to the top note of the piccolo. For over 150 years Steinway has been dedicated to making instruments to satisfy the finest pianists. They are endorsed by artists from Ashkenazy to Zimmerman as the best in the world.'

The results

The brand guidelines are still in use, and longevity is always a barometer for success. 

“I'm really pleased to hear about the successes that you have notched up here. I have had glowing reports and particular reference to strategic input & turning on a sixpence.”

Jon Turner
Creative Director
The Brand Union 

The credits

Copywriting agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London

Copywriter: Barnaby Benson

Agency: The Brand Union

Client: Credit Suisse

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