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Barnaby Benson Ltd is a leading UK copywriting agency. Based in London, we provide copywriting services for many agencies and brands. We offer a wide range of writing services with a strong reputation in tone of voice.  Want to find the right words to make your point? Get in touch with us.; we can help.

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The Copywriting Blog

5 Nov 2019

Learn how to give yourself the edge in your next awards entry.

1 Oct 2019

Editing is tough - but like most things in life, there's ways to make it easier. Here are some tips for better editing, from us to you.

27 Jun 2019

Sometimes, the words just don't come. Or when they do, they aren't quite as wonderful as you need them to be. Here's what to do to vamp things up a bit.

10 Apr 2019

If you’re in the comms industry, you’re either dealing with B2B or B2C. Some lucky people like us deal with both. But one alphabetical shift to the right translates to two completely different buyer mindsets. So here we’re going to define why they need to be spoken to...

6 Mar 2019

'The Copy Book' is packed full of useful tips to help you get the best from your writing. Here, you can find five that will help you on your way to quality content.

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How to tap into your audience's emotions

7 Jan 2020

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