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26 Jun 2020

Tips on how to vary your writing to create a seductive rhythm that keeps the reader hooked. Short or long? Complex or simple? Descriptive or other mood. There's a lot of choice which most writers don't use.

17 Jul 2019

Chatty copy doesn't have to be irritating. Here's five brands doing it well and what you can learn from them.

13 Jul 2017

Us copywriters are paid to be smart with language. It's our job to manipulate words, fusing, refining and cross-fertilising meaning to compel, provoke and persuade. Wordplay might (okay, definitely will) elicit groans at the dinner table, but some of the finest wri...

12 Jun 2014

Let’s say what we understand it to be. Wit starts out as surprise and ends as entertainment. It’s the unexpected. It’s turning something old into something original. It’s sharpness and catching people slightly off guard with a nice turn of phrase or a playfully intelli...

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26 Jun 2020

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