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24 Mar 2020

Storytelling, repetition, emotion - check out the secret persuasion techniques of your favourite (or perhaps not!) politicians here.

7 Jan 2020

Five fast ways to connect with your audience on a sub-conscious level.

5 Nov 2019

Learn how to give yourself the edge in your next awards entry.

17 Oct 2018

Copywriting is a different creative process to writing fiction, so Hemingway’s tips will not necessarily result in great copy. In this post, we’ve revealed the five essentials that have helped us over the years.

16 Jul 2013

“What’s the story?” That’s the first question a producer asks when you pitch a movie. Now brands are following suit. They want to tell tales too. Brand story books, story-led campaigns... strong narratives for brochures. So, how do we deliver a story experience?

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