The Copywriting Blog

26 Jun 2020

Tips on how to vary your writing to create a seductive rhythm that keeps the reader hooked. Short or long? Complex or simple? Descriptive or other mood. There's a lot of choice which most writers don't use.

2 Jan 2018

2017 was a bewildering, rollercoaster year. But putting aside scandal, cryptocurrency, political chaos and a certain royal engagement, what did last year mean for marketers, brand agencies, copywriters and creatives? Here's a run-down of the most important trends...

23 Nov 2016

If I had a biscuit for every time I removed an unnecessary ‘that’ from a sentence, I’d be the CEO of McVities. This is a writing tic affecting most people. But it’s the easiest thing in the world to correct. Keep your eyes peeled for the T-word.

3 Nov 2016

Last week, I received an email from my father. The subject line – ‘HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?’ – could mean one of two things. Either a rogue intern had glued down his caps lock, or someone was guilty of breaking the Holy Rules of Grammar. Turns out it was the latter.

10 Oct 2016

A bigger mailing list doesn’t necessarily equal better results. Instead of taking the ‘spray and pray’ approach, concentrate on a smaller number of high-quality prospects.